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Procontent was established in response to the dynamic development of the communication needs of large and small Polish companies and organizations. The possibility of using existing know-how in the field of communication and connecting it with the latest information technology in order to create truly innovative e-services was the impulse for the creation of the company.


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Corporate Communication which comprises all communication activities directed to the inside of the organization as well as the surroundings of the organization.

Visionary and providing business leaders and other decision-makers should recognize the moment at which there is a social and political consensus for change and be ready to take on the responsibility. Enterprises at the stage of strategy building may voluntarily take into account social interests and environmental protectionand relationships with various stakeholders.


Consumer PR enables providing complete information about the product in a reliable manner. It is a source of relevant messages and builds consumer confidence in the product. A well-run Consumer PR educates consumers about the benefits of products and reinforces the need for possession.

E-PR actions create new opportunities to communicate directly with recipients. We know and understand that in the web content is formed by consumers therefore we constantly re-adapt to the rapidly changing online trends.


Internal Relations related to business objectives, consistent with the mission, structure and organizational culture of the company.



Building the image of the employer (Employer branding ) are the company’s objecitive  to build the company’s reputation as an ” employer of choice “. Investing in human resources and attracting talent is today one of the basic challenges the managers of Polish companies

“You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up the belief that you can’t have it”

Robert Anthony


Our projects

Media Relations dla SAXO BANK POLSKA

Kampania “Ciśnienie na Życie”


Kampania „STOMAlife. Odkryj Stomię”


Kampania “Płodna Polka” dla Fundacji „Nadzieja dla zdrowia”


Kampania „Cha-Ching” dla Prudential









“The longer you stay in one place, the greater your chance of disillusionment”.

Art Spander


The aim of the training is to know participant with the instruments which create social Campaign. Content training will be main about Polish and from over the world good existing practices.

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Is blog necessary in firm? Has every company should have a blog? How important to run a blog is video? What can we do to our blog will be popular? How video must be, if we want to interest customers? Answer for that and all other questions you can find to participate in our training „Blog + video = biznes?”.

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“It is never too late to be what you might have been”.

George Eliot

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